Renewable Energy

Wind Energy

Murphy Matson O’ Sullivan offers a civil and structural engineering service to the renewable energy generation sector. We carried out this role in the recently granted 93 MW wind farm at Slievecallan, Co. Clare. We offer the following services.

  • Turbine Foundation Design
  • Site investigation analysis.
  • Road Design
  • Turbine access route analysis
  • Design of culverts and drainage.
  • Cut and fill analysis
  • Analysis of existing ground conditions, including peat analysis.

Pumped Hydro Electric Energy

A Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage scheme is a device for storing energy. It is used to accept excess energy from the electricity grid when production is high relative to demand, and delivers energy back to the grid when demand is high and production is low. It is an established technology worldwide, with hundreds of schemes such as Turlough Hill in Wicklow, in successful and safe operation.

Murphy Matson O’ Sullivan are currently involved in a number of proposals to construct pumped hydro schemes in Ireland and are currently carrying out feasibility studies and pre-planning works. Our staff have recently travelled to Denmark, Germany and Japan to gain a knowledge of the most up to date technology